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Sea Level Rise



Sea Level Rise is a National Security challenge – for the military, for infrastructure, for energy, and for maintaining our current way of life, economy, and national security. This is a national issue. 




The Coastal Security Association (CSA) is a not-for-profit membership group dedicated to promoting pragmatic solutions to the security and infrastructure challenges created by rising coastal water levels. CSA’s objective is to bring together stakeholders in business, government and policy sectors, from across the country, the network, implement better solutions and technologies, and share solutions -- through a sustainable engagement program.

Annual Conference


The CSA Annual Conference is a networking  gathering designed to generate pragmatic solutions: Sharing Information, New Technologies, Regulation, Military, Funding, and Financing Issues. The initial conference is planned for November 2018. The Conference will serve as a platform for networking, sharing, communications, and a basis for year-round engagement.

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